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Manual Strapping Tool
   Product Range
Polyester Strap
PET Flakes
With little effort, packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates can be safely strapped. Products are firmly secured during shipment and storage.
Easy Operation:
A serrated seal is inserted into the tool and locked into place.The operator then threads the strap through the tool and seal.The windlass tensioning system and tension handle allow for a very high tensioning capacity.
Strap Width
Joint Efficiency
Net Weight
Strap Thickness
4 kg
0.40 mm-1.05 mm
12 mm (H-44-12) / 16 mm (H-44-16)
Strap Type
P.P. & PET straps
Vertical Strapping Machine
Horizontal Strapping Machine
Pneumatic Strapping Tool
Battery Strapping Tool
Plastic Strapping Machine & Tool
Serrated Seals:
For use with serrated seals, high seal efficiency can be achieved.
Maximum Strap Tension
200 kg for H-44-12 / 300 kg for H-44-16
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